D.C is a stylish, elegant Dutch collection, based on timeless and minimal designs. It is comfortable with a a luxurious appearance, suiting the modern woman. The garments can be worn at all occasions: during the day, at work, but also at a party, in summer- and wintertime.

D.C was launched in 2010, as a luxurious basics collection, with the perfect fit, made in the highest quality fabrics, such as italian silk and wool. The garments are all lifetime pieces.



The collection is aimed at the confident working woman, the socialite, who has a busy life, but also likes to celebrate. The woman who turns heads, because of her classic style, but with a twist.

She doesn’t like trendy season collections based on complex ideas, but timeless garments, in a modern style.



Designercafe is a unique fashionplatform in the center of Utrecht, the Netherlands, where collections of Dutch fashion designers are being produced, displayed and sold. Designercafe is exactly what the names suggests, a meetingplace for designers and fashion lovers.

The label D.C is designed by several young talented designers from Utrecht.


It is founded in 2010 by Cindy Dekkers and Stephan Aarts of ABSRD BV.

Foundation Designer Cafe has been co-funded with support from the European Regional Development Fund from the European Commission and our partners: the city of Utrecht, the provence of Utrecht, EBU and ABSRD.