• Esther Vijftigschild

    As a fashion designer I believe in quality, crafts, and sustainability. Because of the temporary nature of our current society, it is almost impossible to mantain this. Everything and everyone is forced to change with it, which causes the loss of individuality and makes people vulnerable to external influences. (more…)
  • A.M. Westen

    Got a quirky style and a sophisticated portability. The unique en graphic patterns makes the overall picture look beautiful. Her designs have a kind of nonchalance, because of her playful way of working. Combine, fold and overlay technics with flowing fabrics and you will get a new combination of power and allure. AM | WESTEN (Annemarie Manon Westen, Leiden, 1989) obtained her Bachelor of Fashion Design at the School of the Arts (2011, Utrecht). After graduating, she had some work experiences in New York and Amsterdam.
  • Like This

    LikeThis was founded in the cultural melting pot of Amsterdam in 2010, by two like minded people who were inspired by the lighthearted side of life. LikeThis creates the perfect balance by mixing opposites. Simplicity is combined with exuberance, elegance with urban and refined with vibrant. Ensuring each item is both fashionable and perky as well as original as wearable. With true attention to detail, all LikeThis items are tailored and refined whilst hiding little design twists for your everyday smile. You'll LikeThis!
  • Atelier PCR

    Pauline Catharina Reinders has a degree in fashion and design, from The Amsterdam Fashion Institute. After studying and working in fashion for the past decade, she found her preference in minimal fashion design. Pauline is looking for perfect accessories and has a fascination for leather. Pauline is inspired by architectural shapes and contrasting materials. Her passion for leather and good quality craftsmanship are the key elements for the designs. A strong, feminine appearance comes with the emphasis on a unique product.
  • Eva D.

    EVA D….. is a high quality women’s label with great 
respect for the history of fashion and the craft.
The highly wearable and contemporary, perfectly cut
 designs are inspired from the classical men and women’s 
designed for women, conscious of their identity and free from 
 ‘Unbeschreiblich weiblich’ is a continuous 
collection, timeless designs with a minimal cut and clever detailing. 
Unlimited time available. 
The designs are not bound to trends.
All of the products we offer are created with respect for people and
 the planet.
  • Crumilla

    "In former times people used little pouches to carry their money, in Latin called ‘Crumilla". Designer Marcia Nolte wanted to make a wallet suiting your identity. According to her, a wallet is a personal and essential property which you carry day by day. From this point of view the Crumilla collection got its existence: unique, handmade wallets, in which choice of colour and the radiation of the leather is given the most attention to.